Our actions are always based on knowledge and experience of professionals. We are convinced that only a professional investigation, will enable verification that previously held information is facts. High concern for the ethical approach in accessing the information will give you a sense of security and confidence that your company's reputation will never be put at risk.
Due to the constantly increasing level of fraud, violations of copyrights, patents and other crimes that may also be exposed to your company can also commission us to conduct an inquiry in this regard.
If you're wondering whether you can afford the costs associated with conducting such an inquiry, you ask yourself the question "Can you afford not to have them?". The answer is simple: the loss of a committed crime are always much higher than the costs of prevention. We can make a free schedule of activities along with the cost estimate.
Our experience and global reach allows us to respond immediately, discreetly and comprehensively in the case of a suspected breach of criminal law or civil law.

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